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Holidays: Should I Ride or should I Fly?

After hibernating for almost 2 years we decided its time to live a bit. So this year we had 2 holidays. For the summer holiday, we used the car to drive to Varna and for the late autumn holiday, we used the plane to go to Bruxelles/Bruge. We are fully vaccinated except for our son who is too young for that at 2 years and 7 months.

What can I say, I love to drive. I can stop when I want, bring all kinds of stuff – that we probably don’t need, leave when we want – or when we feel like we are not welcomed. Detour and visit other stuff if we get bored. Even if it’s tiring and having a kid in the back seat doesn’t help. Sometimes he listens to songs louder than the songs from the radio.

For the first holiday, we choose all-inclusive so we didn’t have to bother with the food or drinks. We could just relax, swim and get as much sun as possible. As much as that’s possible with a hyper toddler. He enjoyed the hotel where he had quite a few playgrounds, the sand but the sea not so much. It was a bit cold I’ll give him that. He didn’t like the food that much either.

When I think of the seaside there is a little association I do with the show/s Baywatch. You know, people running along the beach. Feeling pretty and happy. Now as a parent you probably will just watch your kid building castles and bringing him water from the sea. The time for watching anything else is pretty much gone. Unless your wife is also running into water like she’s been waiting years and years to do that. What a view.

Come to think about it, we got together while at sea, I proposed near another sea. Most of our holidays were near oceans and seas. The water was always around us when we started on this journey. What a ride.

For the second vacation, we used the plane. My wife was a bit tired of the car and we also wanted to go a bit further. Even if the flight took about 2 hours we spent the whole day preparing, waiting in the airport, and connecting to and from the airport. For me, it was worse than driving. By a lot.

But once that was over we did see a lot of interesting things in Belgium. 1 hour by train we also visited Bruge which is just awesome. And we enjoyed just getting lost in the city and trying things out. It was more of an adventure than a holiday.

The worse part was that once we got home the wife got sick. She must have taken the bug somehow…even though she was very careful. A lot of confined spaces in the buses/trains/metros/airplanes. We’re not sure when and how.

If I’d have to choose again I’d choose the car even if we have to see places that are not that far away. Time will tell.

What about you, which one do you prefer?
Car or plane? And what’s one place you liked more than any other in this world. Or another.

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