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What Are Emotions and Why Are They Important for Children?

Emotions are feelings that we experience in response to different situations, events, or people. Emotions can be pleasant or unpleasant, strong or weak, simple or complex. Emotions can affect our thoughts, actions, and physical well-being. Emotions are important for children because they help them: • Communicate their needs, wants, and preferences to others• Understand themselves... Continue Reading →

The Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids with Their Feelings

My kid turned 4 a few days ago and a thought has been circulating through my mind a lot: How to Support My Child's Emotions Emotions are natural and essential for learning and growing. Here are some tips on how to help your child express and cope with their feelings in healthy ways: Talk about... Continue Reading →

The mark of the teacher

During our life, we have at least one teacher that marks us for good. I've had teachers that liked what they did. And those who didn't. Those who would give bad marks so people would fear them and learn more. Those who weren't quite right in the head. Those I respected. Those I didn't. For... Continue Reading →

I love everybody

"I love everybody". That's one of the things my kid told me yesterday. I know, kids say all kinds of "crazy" things. But this one caught my attention and I kind of paused whatever I was doing. Such a nice feeling that must be - I thought to myself. Later on, he said something similar.... Continue Reading →

I love you forever

That's how my son woke me up this morning. At 3 years and 8 months, he surprises me at every turn. He is in a phase where he just comes around and gives me hugs apparently for no reason. I think of him more and more as a kid and less as a baby. I... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Andor

Andor (TV Series) is a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Done. That's all you need to know. Right? That name should give you enough to start. If you've seen Rogue One then you probably know what's going on. If you didn't see it, I hope you at least have heard about Star... Continue Reading →

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