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  • What Are Emotions and Why Are They Important for Children?

    5 June 2023 by

    Emotions are feelings that we experience in response to different situations, events, or people. Emotions can be pleasant or unpleasant, strong or weak, simple or complex. Emotions can affect our thoughts, actions, and physical well-being. Emotions are important for children because they help them: • Communicate their needs, wants, and preferences to others• Understand themselves… Read more

  • The Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids with Their Feelings

    28 April 2023 by

    My kid turned 4 a few days ago and a thought has been circulating through my mind a lot: How to Support My Child’s Emotions Emotions are natural and essential for learning and growing. Here are some tips on how to help your child express and cope with their feelings in healthy ways: Talk about… Read more

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