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A Look At My Fitness Journey and How It Changed Me

I started my gym journey 3 months ago. Not gonna lie, it's been hard for someone who's been a stranger to this activity all my life. It's been an uphill battle. The first month was cool, with new people, and new things, we started slow and learned the basics. The energy was high but as... Continue Reading →

How to get back to the gym

I've been to the gym before. That sounds strange, I know. Maybe because I'm not a gym guy. I love sports and running outdoors. One month. Two months. Three months is the most I could get into it. Before I threw in the towel. And that was mostly because I was going with some other... Continue Reading →

Training day

Guns fascinate guys since they are little boys. As we grow up we try everything. We might start by throwing rocks, using slings, throwing spears and darts, and maybe even archery. At some point, we might even upgrade to paintball and compressed air guns. The real guns are out of reach for most of us... Continue Reading →

Why do dads get fat?

Is it the new responsibilities or the sleepless nights? The stress and tiredness? I think it's in our nature. Our nature to put others first. Our wife, our kids. But you are not like that. Or are you? Instead of having six-pack abs, we drink a six-pack of cola to stay awake. Or maybe a... Continue Reading →

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