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How to get back to the gym

I’ve been to the gym before. That sounds strange, I know. Maybe because I’m not a gym guy. I love sports and running outdoors.

One month. Two months. Three months is the most I could get into it. Before I threw in the towel. And that was mostly because I was going with some other workmates. You may call it peer pressure. Even so, boredom gets to me fast.

This year I’m trying again. But this time I decided to try something different. I asked around in my friends’ group that were going frequently to the gym. The ones that actually look like they are going to the gym.

One of them recommended the trainer he started with. He isn’t overly expensive and overall a good guy. And a nice guy. A professional guy.

I could never stand the big heavy trainers that are mostly barking around like mad dogs. All muscle and no brains. Then again that could be because I’m not that big myself.

So I’m giving it another shot. Mostly because I need to lose my “dad” belly. I want to get in shape so my son has a good model to follow. And my wife keeps nagging me about it too. You decide what the real reason is.

What about you? What’s your relation with the gym. And how do you stay motivated?

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13 thoughts on “How to get back to the gym

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  1. After my toddler’s 2nd birthday I decided it’s time to dedicate some time to working out. I despise cardio and lifting heavy weights just seems intimidating. So I started following an online 8 week free workout plan with body weight and tenstion cords. So far I’ve made it to week 4!💪🏽
    I’ve tried working out countless times and it never seemed to stick. This time seems different. I feel different. It’s nice to start feeling strong again and not so achy just crawling out of bed 😅
    Parent life!
    Congrats on getting back to it🎉
    I’m curious what did your wife say to motivate you? Lol maybe it’ll work on my hubby!

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    1. Congrats on keeping up with the workout plan. I just finished my first week and everything hurts. But I like how my body starts to expand and my posture is a lot better.
      Every wife has a way of motivating his husband 🙂

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  2. All the best at getting back into it! I’m a sports guy myself, and have found my best outlet, that’s martial arts.

    But since the pandemic happened, I was confined to home, and that’s where I did most of my health maintenance. I rarely feel motivated to exercised, but have never missed a day save for injuries (like rolling an ankle on uneven pavement) and getting sick.

    Wishing you all the best with your journey!

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    1. I think martial arts cultivate a good discipline and that helped you to exercise even when you are not feeling motivated.
      Thanks for sharing. And I love how you refer to it as “health maintenance” – I will try to remember that.


  3. My son was very proud when I went to gym. It was nearby and, when I was returning home, he would watch me from the window, very happy and very excited. The COVID happend and I decided to take a very long brake. However, after two years, that building is still “mummy’s gym”.

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  4. I hope you manage to keep it up this time:) I went through a period of time when I was addicted to the gym but it was before I got married and had kids. Now I just walk a lot and chase my kids around 😀

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  5. I tried and failed at the gym so many times. Often it was just because the energy in those places is so weird. Nowadays, I invested in some equipment for home and work out in my driveway three days a week. I do still see my trainer once a week at the gym he works out of, but honestly, I love exercising outside, even when it’s terribly hot.

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    1. Love the outside. Being terribly hot or cold – not so much.
      For most of my life I’ve been a do-it-yourself guy but having a trainer is helping me not think about what exercises to do, how many, and what equipment to use. I just have to get to the gym, he will take care of what I need to train on. So my mind is free and going there is not that much of a chore anymore.

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