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Book Review: The Cafe on the Edge of the World (by John Strelecky)

Somehow I got my hands on it. Somehow I managed to read it (short read, about 2 hours). And somehow I decided to write some of the ideas that I liked in the book.

The book is centered around 3 important questions. Questions that are connected to each other.

  • Why are you here? (Why am I here?)
  • Are you afraid of dying?
  • Do you feel fulfilled?

Why am I here?

At some point in their life, people ask themselves this question. Some do it at a young age. Some when they’re older. And some when they are really old.

Some find the answer – lucky bastards.
Some might never find it. Some think they found it only to change their mind later on. Some might just wonder about it at some point and then forget all about it.

Usually, when we ask ourselves these questions, we are in some kind of a crisis. We search for the meaning of life. And until we find it, we probably do what others are doing. Family, colleagues, friends … just passing day after day.

You will do a lot of things wasting your energy. Then when you know what you want to do you might not have the time or the energy to do it.

Work so you can retire and then do what you like. There’s just a small tinny problem. You will be old.

Are you afraid of dying?

Most people don’t think about it. But our unconsciousness is doing it for us. We are afraid death will come and we won’t be able to do all the things we want. But if we already do that, then what is left to fear?

Do you feel fulfilled?

You are not – if all you are doing is to get money and then you buy things to forget about how unsatisfied you are – in what you do. So you need more money for better things to make you forget.
People don’t do what they like because of fear of not earning enough money.

(some kind of) Conclusion

Everyone is supposed to find their own meaning in life and if they don’t others will choose for them. This happens so often and to so many people. After all, it’s in their interest that you help them in chasing their own dreams.

How do u find the answer to the questions? It’s hard because you have to do it yourself.
By meditating on it, spending time alone, meeting new people and places, trying new things, and seeing what we resonate with.

Every time you feel lost, return to the questions. Time after time. Until you have the answers.

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