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The mark of the teacher

During our life, we have at least one teacher that marks us for good. I've had teachers that liked what they did. And those who didn't. Those who would give bad marks so people would fear them and learn more. Those who weren't quite right in the head. Those I respected. Those I didn't. For... Continue Reading →

Life with a 3-and-a-half-year-old kid

The time when we can talk with him (and find all kinds of stuff) has arrived. For us, it was somewhat unknown what he does every day at kindergarten. Sure we got many pictures and the teachers would tell us anything we asked and their schedule. But now we can find directly from our son... Continue Reading →

Teacher and student

I like to think I will be a good teacher for my kid. Its one of the jobs of a father. But my kid wants to prove me wrong. Its not what you teach your kid but what he teaches you. Patience. You think you know what patience is. Just wait until your kid puts... Continue Reading →

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