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I love everybody

I love everybody“. That’s one of the things my kid told me yesterday. I know, kids say all kinds of “crazy” things. But this one caught my attention and I kind of paused whatever I was doing. Such a nice feeling that must be – I thought to myself.

Later on, he said something similar. I love everybody but this time he added: “… in the house. Mom, dad, and tzitzi“. That’s what he calls his mom’s breasts which he still wants to be close to – even after all this time. So I think to myself, wow we are his entire world for now.

It’s a nice feeling that will eventually fade away. As his world will become larger and larger.

At 3 years and 9 months, he’s doing running sprints, yoga, and lots of physical activities. And it’s been a while since he had any injuries. But your job to keep an eye on kids is never over. We’ve been to the park one day so he can play with the slide. A little bit of rain made it slippery and he almost fell off. Not sure how or why but I was inspired enough to stay close to him and I caught him in mid-air.

Every day he has more questions. Now it’s the time for the “Where do things come from?” questions. And he asks with such a craving and thirst for knowledge. If we buy something new, he immediately asks where it’s from. And he wants to know all the steps involved in its creation. In the morning when he eats his cereal, he wants to know where the milk is coming from. All the way back to what cows eat to produce it. I’m just glad he doesn’t ask where babies come from. Yet…

Happy new year everyone and thanks for reading my posts. I will be mostly writing about “my life as a parent” but if you want me to write about something else too, let me know in the comments section.

If you get a chance check out my book.

Side by side is a book about the first years of parenting. Both the beauty and the hidden side of parenting. The long nights and troubled days. Parents who try and fail and then try again. And how your little one puts a smile on your face and you forget everything just in time to start a new challenging day.  It follows the first 2 years of a new dad and his journey, side by side, along with his son. 

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  1. Thank you for your sharing and writing, Radu. I learn a lot how to be good parents :’) good parents who try to understand children’s pespective and observe their development .

    I’m single and learn a lot from your experience 🙏🙏

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