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I love you forever

That’s how my son woke me up this morning. At 3 years and 8 months, he surprises me at every turn. He is in a phase where he just comes around and gives me hugs apparently for no reason. I think of him more and more as a kid and less as a baby. I know, I know…he has outgrown the baby stage but for parents, it’s harder to accept.

His voice is clearing. He sounds more natural, and he isn’t eating letters anymore – as we say around here. For a long time, I thought its because he speaks two languages. Romanian and English. And no, we didn’t do it on purpose. He learned English – the basics – from television and from cartoons. So did I but I was a lot older.

I know a lot of people keep their kids away from certain things and won’t let them experience them until later on. We are trying to do the right things too, but keeping him away from technology isn’t really our best achievement.

Must be because my wife and I are both into tech – for work and passion. So I think he got it from us, or from the environment. Anyway, I believe it’s better to experience everything as long as he is not developing an obsession by limiting the time he has access to it. And by having a lot of different activities so he’s got other things in mind.

His clothes fit no more. We should be used to this by now. Nope, it’s like he grows day by day so much it’s weird. Almost unrecognizable.

He cleaned his shoes for Saint Nicholas. He learned a lot about it at kindergarten. And when he was supposed to see his presents in the shoes, he went by them almost 4 times. Genuine surprise on his face and he enjoyed his gifts. Who wouldn’t? I know I did.

He is jumping at me (and on me if I’m sitting down) with all his strength. I tell him that he might hurt me or himself. It’s like he doesn’t hear me. Why does he do it? In his own words…because he loves me…didn’t see that one coming. The problem is he does the same to my wife and she’s not always deflecting his attacks.

Then they make up and I hear lots of “I love you. I love you too”

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