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Game Review: Diablo Immortal

It’s finally here. Yey. Wait. What?

Diablo is still a heavy name in the game community. I’ve played all of them growing up.

As they released more over the years it lost a bit of its magic as it became more cartoonish in an attempt to broaden its audience. Which they did. But it did also lose some of its magic.

Might be nostalgia but the first one is still my favorite. And the one that is true to its name and intention. To be scary. The stuff nightmares are born of.

The release of the latest version went under my radar. As a father, my gaming time is short and I only have mobile breaks from time to time.

Its first announcement in 2018 was so bad and got most of the fans infuriated. Maybe you remember the “Do You Guys Not Have Phones” moment? After that most people thought it was the end of it.

I believe that’s the reason they didn’t go mobile-only and you have a PC version too. I’ve tried both. And I like them both but for me jumping on the couch with my phone in my hand is a lot easier. What? Do You Guys Not Have Phones? That announcement will live forever. In my memory.

Getting back to the game, to me it feels like Diablo 3 adapted to work on mobile. Been playing for 1 week and I reached level 60 and the end of the campaign. At least I think so. I’ve been enjoying it so far and you can do that without paying. Sure, you could do that but I’m more of a casual player.


  • there are some gated missions in the endgame and usually, you have to wait and level 3 or 4 times before you can continue with the campaign. I believe that’s so you can explore the other parts of the game: bounties, dungeons, getting used to doing your dailies
  • getting better equipment and stuff you kinda need to pay
  • some problems on my phone, it restarted a few times


  • a lot better than most of the mobile games I played
  • cool graphics, sounds, and the usual short movies
  • new mechanics with shadow/immortal factions.
  • free

Did I say it’s free? Sure, you can pay around 100k if you want everything. Or play for 10 years. The choice is yours. I usually play for the story. Then I might play for a while to see what else is in the game. Then I will probably take a break. And in a few months, I might pick it up again and play another class. And so on until Diablo 4 appears.

What about you. Did you try it? Why not? Do You Guys Not Have Phones???

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