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Movie Review: Dune

If you’re a bit older, there is a big chance you have heard about Dune by now. It could be the 1984 movie, Frank Herbert’s books, or maybe the games. My initial contact was with the games. I loved Dune 2, a real-time strategy game that was so different from everything I knew at that time. Go away chess you’re old history for old people. The time for quick strategy and big explosions has arrived.

As a big fan of the Dune universe, it was clear that I would watch the latest movie. It didn’t disappoint. I already knew the “story” but the way it was told and the visuals were very satisfying. Good times.

My wife watched the movie too, and I was curious about her impressions- as someone new to this universe. She wasn’t as impressed as me but she did enjoy it (mostly because of the great actors that play in it – and probably because of Jason Momoa).

Pros: Good story, great acting, fantastic cinematography, entertaining
Cons: Slow pace at some points

All in all, I enjoyed it very much and look forward to Part two. I will give it an 8/10 for the new audience and a 9/10 for the Dune veterans – or should I call them Dune(rs)?

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