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Movie Review : 1917

If you like war movies, this is one that you need to see. The movie wasn’t on my radar but when a friend asked me to go and watch it, there was only one, easy response: sure. And thats because I know he has good tastes in movies, even if some of them are weird and not mainstream.

Its not the kind of movie you take your date to see. War is not a pretty sight and there is no side love story. Before the movie started I took a look around and there were lots of couples. A few minutes later most of the girls are covering their eyes. As for the guys, the dude on my left took a nap midway the movie.

Pros: Overall good story, great acting, fantastic cinematography, entertaining

Cons: Some weird coincidences, slow pace at some points

I left the cinema entertained and with a good movie vibe. It reminded me of Fury and Saving Private Ryan which I both recommend. I will give it a 9/10 and a recommendation to go see it.

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