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How I became a gamer

Since I was a little one I was fascinated with technology. Back then it wasn’t so evolved and few people had access to high tech. But, TVs and Radios were pretty popular and a good source of entertainment.

Little ones are curious and they want to understand how things work. So I wanted to know how TVs and Radios worked behind those plastic boxes. It was luck that there were training classes for kids about electronics. I began to go on weekends and after a few sessions I built my first basic radio. Achievement unlocked.

Next marvellous electronic gadget – THE computer. After a few months of electronics, I heard about computers. Basic things that used TVs as monitors. You could write, make small programs and best of all – you could play games. After the first minutes I was hooked, THE GAME virus uploaded from the keyboard through my fingers and directly into my brain.

The point of this short story? My belief that most of the people that are fascinated with technology have played or are playing games quite often. Most of my co-workers in the tech field are gamers.

There is a link between them and if you choose tech, you probably choose games too. Or maybe the other way around, you are in tech business because of games.

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