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The time we visited: Mexico, Cabo San Lucas

Winter has arrived. When you start to feel like you had enough of it, it’s good to think of warmer times. And what better place to remember than Cabo San Lucas. It was the summer of 2016 and we had a week of sun, sand, blue sky and endless ocean.

The view from our window

It was a long and tiring flight to Mexico but we forgot soon all about it when we saw what awaited us. It was an exotic holiday and we forgot all about the passing of time.

The view of the surrounding bay while we enjoyed a drink

There were a few things I remember from this holiday:
First time I got kissed…by a dolphin
First time I dived into the ocean
First time I met some great friends since high school
First time I saw a phone being thrown in a pool because it was playing some undesirable music
First time I was asked by a street hustler if theres any way he can sell me some overpriced stuff

Sail trip around the coast that ended with a swim in the ocean

The further you travel, more interesting it feels. The streets, the people, the colours. And even if you madly enjoy it, after a while you get home sick and it feels good to return home. There’s no place like home.

Back on the plane, returning home

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